Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hollywood News: Lindsay Lohan Checks into Rehab in Newport Beach

Now this is just going too far, this is a photo that was allegedly uploaded by Lindsay Lohan on her Instagram account.  Now, someone else had to snap the photo, because she appears to be sitting on the floor, in tears.   In our opinion, she seems to be wanting attention and not wanting to go into rehab.  Does she expect someone to give this to the judge, so she does not have to go to rehab?  What's the point of this photo? 

In the meantime, we will keep Lindsay Lohan in our prayers.

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Lindsay Lohan Checks into Rehab in Newport Beach

by Kellan Connor

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Actress Lindsay Lohan scored a victory in court on Thursday morning.

Lohan’s attorney, Mark Heller, notified the court that the actress has checked into Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach. 
The judge has ruled that she is in compliance, but he is giving...Read full article, here. 

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