Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jesus took Woman to Hell, Ex-Occult Follower Testimony!!

We want you to hear this woman talk about how Jesus took her to hell by the hand.  Mattia Harris Bolton was a former member of the occult.   Jesus let her see the lake of fire.   She was used of leaving her body through Yoga, but not going to hell.   Demons tortured her in hell as she continually cried out for Jesus to save her.  Therefore, for those of you whom are followers of the new age movement, the Gospel of Inclusion that allegedly teaches there is no hell and no Devil, watch how Jesus let Mattia experience hell.

Mattia Harris Bolton shares why we shouldn't always say, 'Rest in Peace.'   A lot of people who left and were not saved or maybe they were Christians and did not live holy lives, they could be burning in hell.  Think twice, before you say, 'Rest in Peace.'  Minister Bolton made a good point and we really think Christians should start acknowledging the reality of hell.

Watch Video

Photo: Mattia Harris Bolton Ministries

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