Sunday, May 26, 2013

Joyce Meyer Ministry presents Ex-Rock Artist Went to Hell after Overdosing on Drugs

We want those of you who think there is no hell, because you have fallen for the Gospel of Inclusion philosophy to take heed to this testimony.   Mark DeDio overdosed on drugs and went straight into the pit of darkness.  Like many others, he smelled the horrible odor of sulfur until he was yanked out of hell.  DeDio knew Jesus Christ was the One who saved him from going to that eternal place of fire and brimstone.

Mark DiDio, an ex-member of a rock band, talks about how he turned to rock music and drugs to cope with life.   Then, one day, he took LSD and died and went to hell.   Joyce Meyer Ministry presents his testimony to show you, you can be saved and set free and you don't have to go to that place of torment.  He started listening to Joyce Meyer with his wife and now is a new man through Jesus Christ.

Watch Video

Source, Photo and Video: Joyce Meyer Ministries

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