Monday, May 6, 2013

Kim Rives Near Death Experience in Heaven after Breast Cancer

Wow!  Jesus told this woman to look to the light and live!  Can you imagine how many of us should be taking heed to those words coming from Jesus Christ?   This woman actually died of breast cancer and Jesus took her back to her troubled childhood and she was able to be free from that moment in heaven.   SCR readers, Kim Rives' life is a testimony.   Let us not allow people to take the joy out of life so much, we can't follow Jesus' expectancy, to look to light and live.  

Saints of God, if we live here on earth, we will not be able to survive, unless we look to the light of Jesus Christ.  This is the only way to escape our emotional trauma anything that troubles us within this sinful world.  The things that naturally bother us as saints of God: gay marriage, neglect and rejection, childhood memories, financial troubles, emotional problems.   Children of God, let us all look to the light!

Jesus Christ told Kim Rives to give Him her pain, after being shown His crucifixion.  Watch and take heed, then give your burdens to Jesus so He can carry all of your burdens.
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