Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rick Warren Makes First Public Appearance Since Son's Suicide

Rick and Kay Warren have both made their first public appearance since their son's suicide.We think they both are very brave and the only way they have such courage is because of God's strength.  We cannot imagine what it feels like to have a child commit suicide.   However, as Christians, we must hold the Warren's up in prayer. 

According to Patch.com,  Rick Warren allegedly stated he was more fearless and less concerned than ever about what people thought of him, referring to those who reveled in his family tragedy.  

In our opinion, we think often times Satan attacks families of ministers, is because he wants them to stop preaching God's Word.  However, we pray this tragic circumstance makes Rick Warren more stronger than ever.  

May, the son of Rick and Kay Warren rest in peace.  God bless Pastor Rick and his wife, Kay Warren.

Rick Warren Makes First Public Comments Since Son's Death

 "I have wept every day since my son died and I make no apology for that," the Saddleback pastor tells his church. "Grief is a good thing. It is the way we go through the transitions of life."

They took the stage arm in arm, joined together by grief and the decision to take a step toward the new normal. Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, founders of Saddleback Church in...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: Patch.com

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