Sunday, May 19, 2013

SCR Response to Black Christian News: Why Do Many Churches Remain Skeptical of Popular Claims of Celestial Experiences?

SCR readers, we happened to see an article posted at a very popular site about churches being skeptical of popular claims of Celestial Experiences. The title started out with 'Afraid of Heaven', now we cannot understand why anyone would be afraid of going to heaven or even hearing about it, but of course, we have heard of people afraid of the subject of going to hell.  However, we don't doubt churches remain skeptical of people having near death experiences to either eternal places.

Black Christian News, brought up a very important and interesting subject as to why many churches are skeptical about God's chosen ones visiting heaven and hell.   This is our opinion, if they were full of the Holy Ghost, they would automatically know that these claims are very real.  This reveals how many people in the church could be on their way to hell, because by doubting these claims, they are doubting Jesus Christ.   Let us assure you, the people whom have been to heaven and hell, most of them have came back with very similar experiences.   For instance, in heaven their conversations with God and how He automatically knows there response without them saying a word reveals a similarity.  The way some of them talked about Jesus Christ appearing before them and how they walked straight into His glowing light and they were instantly in a state of ultimate peace shows how real heaven is.   The way they described the mansions and how they are created out of different gems shows extreme similarity.   Specifically, when we are discussing hell, we have heard similar stories about the demons continually tearing bodies a part, and how huge monsters enjoy terrorizing and making mockery these souls.  We heard similar stories about the jail cells of people held in captivity for not obeying God and many people pleading with Jesus to let them out.  Also, those tunnels, which Minister Mary K. Baxter discussed about Jesus calling them the 'Gateways to hell', we heard people mentioning those same tunnels where millions of souls enter.

Now what is very interesting to us, is that there are actually some people who want to believe heaven testimonies, but they don't want to hear about hell.   One of those popular doctrines lately is the Gospel of Inclusion, which Bishop Carlton Pearson has been famous for. They choose to believe everyone goes to heaven, that's not what the Word of God says and we could imagine how many souls will be eternally lost for following such a movement of deception.

Our response to Black Christian News, 'we have no idea why many churches are skeptical of popular claims of Celestial experiences, but we are above examples explains why they are very real.  Furthermore, when many of these souls whom doubt the power of Jesus Christ die, they will get the shock of their lives, because we are not supposed to ever doubt the capability of God's power and how he can use humanity He created.

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Afraid of Heaven: Why Do Many Churches Remain Skeptical of Popular Claims of Celestial Experiences?

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