Thursday, May 2, 2013

Texas Pastor Arrested for asking child to strip

This man has a wife and family, which is shown on his church website at The Church of Corinth as though he's so proud of his family.  We cannot imagine what Pastor Jeff Williams wife is going through after discovering he allegedly asked a teenage girl to take off her clothes.

You read it right, Pastor Jeff Williams, senior pastor of The Church of Corinth has been arrested.  The unidentified girl reported an audio, which was allegedly heard five days later to police, according to following video.   Of course, that is damaging evidence not only in court, but for his wife to acknowledge.

We would like to ask you, why didn't Pastor Jeff Williams ask his wife to strip for him?  Why did he have to violate this young child?   Things have been too crazy in the church world, we know Jesus Christ is soon to come.  Too many pastors just won't yield and refuse to avoid lust of various types.   God is tired and when we hear of certain tragedies among clergy members of all races, don't be surprised why.   There is severe punishment for those whom preach God's Word and live a double life as a hypocrite. 

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Denton County pastor accused of asking child to strip

By Megan Gray

Corinth police arrested the lead pastor of The Church of Corinth on Wednesday on sex-related charges, investigators said.

The Rev. Jeffrey Dale Williams, 47, was charged with attempted sexual performance of a child, a third-degree felony...Read full article, here.


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