Saturday, May 25, 2013

Virginia pastor, Geronimo Aguilar extradited to Fort Worth on molestation charges

Pastor Geronimo Aguilar who has a very large megachurch (The Roc) in Richmond Virginia has been extradited to Fort Worth Texas.   After watching his testimony we found on YT, it saddens us that this pastor would violate these young women, allegedly.   How many times do we have to deal with some pastors of mega ministries, molesting our youth?
According to, two grown women have came forward claiming as young girls, Aguilar sexually assaulted them when he lived in Fort Worth. Fort Worth Police investigated the case and brought these new charges.  If this is true, we sincerely hope he gets it right with God and ask these women to forgive him.

Pastor Geronimo Aguilar seems to be a modern type of minister and many times, these are the ones who get caught in mischief, because they are not anointed by the Holy Spirit.  Instead, they start ministries for fame and fortune.   We wonder how God feels about Pastor Aguilar's testimony being the son of a Hell's Angel's member and allegedly hurting these young women?  How can you testify about the pain you've been through in your own life, but you offend others?  It just does not make sense, saints of God, but it happens all the time.  God is saying it is most definitely time for all churches of all races to stop being in the ministry for fame and fortune, but seek Him.  God wants us to go back on our knees, tarrying in the Spirit, what many modern age pastors are against and this is why several of them are in the news, a lot of the times, they call seeking God on your knees, tradition.   It is not tradition, it is simply getting close to Jesus Christ, so He can anoint us and keep us walking in the Spirit, in the midst of this demonic warfare here on earth.  Unfortunately, some pastors like Aguilar allegedly do not want to kill the flesh, but they want the celebrity status as a man or woman of God.  

 SCR readers, we do not need anymore entertainment in the church that is bringing in the worldly atmosphere, but we need the power of God to tame these lustful demons creeping around in many pulpits today

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Virginia pastor extradited to Fort Worth on sexual assault of minors charges 


FORT WORTH -- A Virginia pastor was extradited to Texas Friday to face charges he sexually abused two Fort Worth girls under the age of 14 while he was here.

Geronimo Aguilar ran a large church in Richmond, Virginia, called The Richmond Outreach Center and was arrested this week to face justice in Texas. Recent TV news reports in...Read full article, here.

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