Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Black Church News: Bishop IV and Bridget Hilliard Chopper Controversy

Now, we do not hear much controversy about Bishop I.V. and First Lady, Co-pastor Bridget Hilliard much.  However, this pastor, Saiko Woods who has a very small church is complaining about their wealth.  Allegedly, he says it is not right for Bishop I.V. Hilliard to ask for donations for his jet, he could pay for new blades out of his own pocket.   

Pastor Saiko Woods seems to be focusing more on what the Hilliard's possess, instead of saving souls.   Their wealth is nothing new and no different than other multimillionaire pastors of mega ministries, the only difference is, they seem to have an outreach for the poor and needy, allegedly.

According to MyFoxHouston.com, there's no question Bishop IV Hilliard is a rich Christian...Federal records show he and his wife first Lady Bridget Hilliard owns their own jet...an aviation expert tells FOX 26 news this Hawker is valued at  $2 million.  It's housed here at Hooks airport in Spring.  The hangar we're told owned by New Light and has a value of about $3 million.  This is also where Bishop Hilliard keeps the church's Bell Jet Ranger helicopter with a value of about $1 million.  

All we can say is this, there are not many pastors of mega ministries who provide for low income housing and also has fed the homeless.  In our opinion,  if the Hilliard's are really caring about those in need, then possibly there is nothing more to say, just keep them in our prayers. 

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Blessings from God if.......

By Isiah Carey, Reporter

From spiritual leader at six different locations of New Light Christian Center to providing affordable housing to low income residents in Houston...Bishop Ira V. Hilliard is a very busy man who's respected and loved by thousands.

Saiko Woods says, "I have nothing wrong with Christians being rich as long as...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: myfoxhouston.com

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