Saturday, June 8, 2013

Black Church News: Texas pastor arrested on suspicion of drug possession

Pastor Clyde Downs of a Fort Worth Texas Church has been arrested for drug possession.  Downs was stopped by police, because of failure to use a signal.  However, police discovered Pastor Downs had drugs on his seat, but they are yet testing to see what type of drugs.   Brothers and sisters in Christ, we know God is tired of all these cases of some pastors getting caught with drug possession. 

According to, cops approached Downs’ 2007 Bentley and saw what appeared to be drug paraphernalia on the front seat, police said.  Back in May when Pastor Downs was arrested on the street, police allegedly found a gun and some marijuana.

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It does not matter if Pastor Clyde Downs was trying to sell drugs or using it, it's a shame either way.   God wants us to fast and pray until this type of behavior is completely out of his Kingdom.   God wants the body of Christ pure, because if we are doing the same thing as the world, there is no way to preach to them about Jesus Christ.  God says to get out all sin, whether it's sexual mischief, child molestation, homosexuality and all other types of lust, drug possession, theft through tithes and offerings, tax evasion, He says to immediately change things within the body of Christ.  We as saints of God have power to no longer allow this sort of behavior within God's Kingdom.  Therefore, when we pray, let's pray for God to give such ministers a mind to step down from preaching his Word and began to seek Him before it's everlasting too late. 

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Clyde Downs in our prayers. 

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Fort Worth pastor arrested on suspicion of drug possession

A pastor of a Fort Worth church was arrested Monday on suspicion of drug possession, police records show.

It was the second arrest in a month involving Clyde Downs, 48, of Arlington.

Downs has been senior pastor of...Read full article, here.

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