Thursday, June 20, 2013

Black Church Update: Bishop IV Hilliard Apologized about asking for Donations for Helicopter Blades

Now, after there has been such a controversy, regarding Bishop I.V. Hilliard asking for donations to fix his helicopter's blades, he has apologized.  However, we do not know why there are so many people upset over this issue, since Bishop and Co-pastor Bridget Hilliard do help the poor and needy.   How many prominent pastors of mega churches do so?  Not many.

Usually SCR does have a lot to say against some rich and famous ministers, but the Hilliard's is one couple that has shown they care about the those whom have not only been low income, but homeless.   Bishop Hilliard and his wife, First Lady Bridgette Hilliard have given free meals and prayed with those whom have no place to go, unlike some of their rich colleagues in the ministry.   Possibly, people may think they should have apologized for asking for donations, but there is no reason to get upset, when so many other rich and famous celebrity preachers ask for donations and no one says a thing.

Furthermore, we do wish we could hear Bishop IV Hilliard go back to the way he allegedly claims he used to preach, like an old fashion baptist preacher without sophistication.   People do need hear more about salvation, being filled with the Holy Ghost and being healed, rather than mostly prosperity.   

In conclusion, we have heard so many other stories about parishioners donating money to other rich celebrity pastors for their jets, fine cars and homes, Bishop Hilliard's request is nothing new and should not be a surprise to anyone.

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