Friday, June 7, 2013

Celebrity News: Josh Brent test positive for marijuana

Since Josh Brent allegedly tested positive for marijuana, prosecutors have asked that a warrant be issued for his arrest.  It seems like Brent would learn his lesson, after he was in a fatal car crash that took the life of his best friend, Jerry Brown.   What type of example is this NFL celebrity setting for our American society?

According to, Prosecutors said in their motion that Brent failed a urine test taken after a May 24 court hearing in which they had sought for his bond to be revoked due to problems with his alcohol monitoring. While the judge declined to do so, he did order Brent to provide a urine sample.

Of course, we know it must be very hard to deal with losing your best-friend, but the solution is to no longer life a dangerous life of drugs and alcohol.  Most of all, it would help for Josh Brent to seek God, after first accepting Him in his life. 

In the meantime, we will keep Josh Brent in our prayers.

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Prosecutors: Brent pot test positive


Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent tested positive for marijuana while he awaits trial in a car crash that killed a teammate, prosecutors said Thursday in asking a judge to revoke the player's $100,000 bond and issue a warrant for his arrest.

Police have accused Brent of driving with a blood-alcohol content more than twice the legal limit during the Dec. 8 car...Read full article, here.

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