Thursday, June 20, 2013

Celebrity News: Men’s Wearhouse Fires Founder George Zimmer

Do you recall this familiar face?  This is George Zimmer who was seen quite often on Men's Wearhouse commercials for many years.  Although, Zimmer founded Men's Wearhouse, he has just been fired without reason.  This should be against the law.  How can any company do this to its' founder?  

According to, The company said it expected to discuss “the extent, if any, and terms of his ongoing relationship with the company.”  There's seems to be a conspiracy created by some members on the board.  We sure hope Mr. Zimmer takes them to court and sues to win his entitlement to this company. 

We will let you know the outcome of this situation as soon as we hear about.

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Men’s Wearhouse Fires Founder George Zimmer

FREMONT, Calif. — Men’s Wearhouse Inc. said Wednesday it was removing founder George Zimmer as executive chairman, without offering a reason for the dismissal.

The chain, which Zimmer launched in 1973, also said it was postponing its annual shareholders meeting from Wednesday so it could...Read full article, here.

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