Monday, June 17, 2013

Gospel Artist, Pastor Deitrick Haddon Speaks Out Against Transgender Bathrooms In California Schools

Respectively, Pastor Deitrick Haddon is quite late, transgender bathrooms has been going on in some California Schools since the early 2000's, allegedly.  However, at least he is speaking out, because we have heard no other pastor, not even in California touch this issue, very courageous of him.

According to, assembly Bill 1121 puts transgender bathrooms in all schools, kindergarten through 12th grade. It was authored by Assembly member Toni Atkins and co-sponsored by the Transgender Law Center and Equality California. The bill was passed by the Assembly by a vote of 54-16. The legislation would allow students to select the bathrooms and sports teams that fit with their gender identity.  

We really wish there were other pastors to join Pastor Deitrick Haddon against this issue.  However, we acknowledge, many of them within the black church are followers and not leaders and would rather be recognized by President Obama and not known as a righteous man or woman of God.   We've got to give to Pastor Haddon, regardless of his broken marriage, at least he is standing for righteousness, while many others are being puppets.

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Pastor Deitrick Haddon Speaks Out Against Transgender Bathrooms In California Schools

Pastor Deitrick Haddon spoke to the Communities about California Assembly Bill 1121, which will bring transgender bathrooms to California, and how that will effect morality.

Haddon will be featured on Oxygen Media on the reality show...Read full article, here.

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