Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hollywood News: Will Smith 'French kisses' 14-year-old son Jaden on Thai TV, God is not pleased!!

We are going to tell you, it is very wrong for any parent to tongue (french) kiss their child in or on the mouth.  In our opinion, doing such a thing is alleged incest.   Will Smith allegedly french kissed his son, Jaden on Thai TV and we want you to know, God is not pleased.  

According to, the way that Milintachinda nearly squeals with delight and later labels the kiss "a frenchie" is seriously uncomfortable because, you know, it's a dad and his kid. But it's also bizarre that Smith's first inclination when asked to do something he'd never done before on is kiss his son on the lips. Weird all around.  

SCR readers, this is why we try to tell you all the time, to not support the majority of celebrities or even idolize them.   Will Smith maybe a very successful man, but he may not be in God's will like many other celebrities in Hollywood.  A lot of you Christians in the black church have become so diverse, you have forgotten God's commandments and you need to realize just because some celebrities are black, we ought not to support them, just because of who they are.  Therefore, if you do not think anything is wrong with Will Smith allegedly french kissing his son, Jaden you need to go back on your knees and pray through until you touch heaven.  As born again Christians of any race, we have to realize there should be a thick line between parents and children and they cannot and should not sensually connect in anyway or else God's wrath will occur unless there is immediate repentance.   We must believe there is a such a thing as right and wrong and this is one of those things. 

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Will Smith 'French kisses' 14-year-old son Jaden on Thai TV

By Billy Nilles

Acting in a movie with your son can certainly bring the two of you closer together, but Will Smith's latest antics with son Jaden are stretching the acceptable limitations on "close-knit."

While promoting recent flop "After Earth," Will and Jaden appeared on "The Woody Show" in Bangkok, Thailand. During the interview, host Woody Milintachinda asks Will to show him something...Read full articles, here.

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