Monday, June 17, 2013

Prayer Organization Requests Jamaican Churches to March Against Homosexuality

Saints of God, this issue of getting churches to oppose homosexuality is not just a problem in our nation, but also in some other nations.  Of course, if there are some church people being outspoken about the issue, the Bible must be right and those whom support homosexuality are absolutely wrong.   Therefore, there should be no argument for Jamaican churches to march against homosexuality.

According to, President of Prayer 2000, Rev Dr Naila L Ricketts, in an invitation circulated to churches last week, said the pending action marked a very serious crossroads in the nation's history.

In the meantime, we will keep Rev. Ricketts and those who are humbly following her organization in our prayers.   We are praying with them against this issue across the world.

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Prayer 2000 Group Calls for Jamaican Churches to March Against Homosexuality

The leadership of Prayer 2000 -- a partnership prayer ministry -- has called on all churches across the island to participate in a 'peaceful prayer march' next Sunday, ahead of the hearing of an application challenging the constitutionality of the buggery law by the Supreme Court on...Read full article, here.


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