Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shippensburg pastor arrested for child pornography

Allegedly, this pastor serving at the Upper Strasburg Church of God was sharing files, involving child pornography on his computer.   Pastor Keith Bell, 53 years old has two children himself.  We wonder how would he feel if an adult took advantage of his children?  He probably would be very upset about it.

According to, Pastor Bell was arrested on June 12 following an investigation by agents from the Attorney General's Child Predator Section into the downloading and sharing of numerous files containing images of pre-pubescent children engaged in sexually graphic acts and poses.

Saints of God, what has gotten into these pastors who lust for children?  There is a demon roaming around America into the wicked souls of many pastors.   Something is wrong with men or women whom do not prefer to be with people their own age.   The only way we will see this issue go away, is if the righteous saints of God pray against it, because demons seem to be allegedly controlling some some ministers minds and spirits into a state of perversion.

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Keith Bell in our prayers. 

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Shippensburg man serving as pastor arrested for child pornography

HARRISBURG - A Shippensburg man who serves as a pastor was arrested this week after special agents with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office traced unique child pornography files and file sharing to his home computer.

The investigation by the AG's Child Predator Unit is part of ongoing efforts to target the online sharing...Read full article, here.

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