Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another young teen shot to death like Trayvon Martin: Racism?

This is the mother of the deceased 13-year-old victim, Darius Simmons.  She sat on the witness stand, trying to explain what it was like after John Spooner, a white man shot her son to death, allegedly for no reason.   

Saints of God, we tell you, as these stories began to build up across America, God is looking for complete repentance, not just among black people of the world, but even within the black church.  If we could get revivals within black churches across the nation, then souls will began to surrender to God and we can command Satan to flee from using this ancient demon of racism against African Americans.  

According to Mail Online, the wounded teen flees away from the cameras' view and collapses in the street.

Saints of God, more stories are coming out similar to Trayvon Martin.  We continue to tell you Jesus Christ is the only answer.  Although the solution Dr. Martin Luther King resolved years ago, the demon of racism refuses to cease America.  Therefore, God is expecting for the entire race of African Americans to cry out to Him and realize many of them have been wrong for idolizing white people and hating themselves, rather than fully submitting to Him.

'He took one more breath and that's it': Mother describes heartbreaking moment she watched white neighbor 'shoot dead her unarmed son, 13

By Helen Pow

A Milwaukee mother couldn't contain her tears yesterday as she described the horrifying moment her white neighbor allegedly shot dead her son, a black 13-year-old, in front of her eyes after he accused the boy of stealing guns from his house.

Patricia Larry testified that John Henry Spooner, 76, warned her son, Darius Simmons, that he'd teach him not to...Read full article, here.

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