Sunday, July 21, 2013

Atheists start a church to preach, not pray

Here is the latest news, regarding Jerry Dewitt.  If you recall, he was allegedly raised in the Pentecostal church and even at one time preached the gospel, but now he is an alleged atheist.  He explained to CNN how he preaches to non-believers in a church that is for atheists.  However, Jerry Dewitt's atheists church is not the only one, there are others across the country.

According to, Dewitt mentioned he was saved at Jimmy Swaggart's church at age 17.  

This is such a weird day we are living in.  We as Christians must focus on winning souls and even if they claim to be atheists, we do not have to give up on them.  We can pray for God to speak to their minds and spirits, so that they began to realize God is real and He gave His Son to die for them.

In the meantime, we will keep Jerry Dewitt in our prayers.

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