Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Black Christian News: Bishop Paul Morton Standing Up for Righteousness Proves He Should run for President

One of our journalists happened to come across this You Tube video of Bishop Paul Morton preaching against gay marriage.  He preaches the truth about many preachers whom are afraid to preach what the Bible says that is much different than what our president supports.   This is evidence, God may want Bishop Paul Morton to be in the White House.

SCR readers, we don't know how we missed this year that was presented by The Word Network, last year.  However, now that we found it, we want you to hear this man of God, Bishop Paul Morton preaching the Word of God like it ought to be preached, without fear or shame.   God definitely called this man to preach for this evil era we live in.   We are definitely amazed of Bishop Morton's sermon, we have never heard such dynamic preaching like we hear it coming from him.

Bishop Paul Morton, Dr. Patrick Wooden, Dr. Charles Stanley, just to name a few are the type of preachers we ought to be following.  We shouldn't pay attention to the ones whom seem as though they are puppets, just preaching the prosperity gospel and making movies, which does not combat evil spirits that is ruling America.

Before you watch this video saints of God, please realize if you call yourself a Christian, you cannot be a follower of this world, but choose to humble yourself for complete righteousness.  Therefore, we ought to be in full agreement with Bishop Paul Morton's sermon.  After watching this video, we feel Bishop Morton is one of the most powerful men within the black church and we pray he considers running for presidency.  May God continue to richly bless him.

Watch Bishop Paul Morton, a truly chosen man of God

Source, photo and video: The Word Network/You Tube upload

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