Sunday, July 28, 2013

Black Church News: After Zimmerman's verdict, Pastors discourage Senseless Violence


Some black churches are speaking to various black communities about turning away from violence, after George Zimmerman's verdict.  However, we question if they were doing this before Trayvon Martin's death?  The reason for our question is simply this, senseless violence has been going on within the black community, since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King.   There seems to have been much more conflict among many African Americans, than between other races. 

In our opinion, we feel for many years the black church should have taught more discipline to black families and more structure to the black communities across America.   Yes, of course, George Zimmerman is an alleged killer of Trayvon Martin; but how many young black men have black men murdered themselves?  Now, we've noticed there has been more concern to grow multi-cultural mega ministries, rather than preaching on love, respect and unity within the black church.   Regardless of the all the good Dr. King did for equality, we are yet unequal among our own kind.   Let's not forget how many deaths within the black community that was caused by black men and black women who have had no consideration for one's life.   Let's not forget how so many African Americans died of AIDS, which has left a very low population among us, along with abortion and failure to conceive within our race.  Furthermore, the cold and cruel words many of us have spoken into one's soul has not only crippled black America, but it has caused a slow death.    Therefore, pastors discouraging senseless violence is long overdue.   More love, respect and unity leads to more power and if more preachers would have taught that fact, possibly Trayvon Martin and others murdered by other races would yet be alive today. 

According to, Kelsey said in an interview that the shooting of Trayvon Martin and trial at George Zimmerman represents the struggles that go on with people young and old in his church. "I got a call from a senior citizen in my church saying 'they are saying all of this stuff but a young boy is dead.'"  

Sisters and brothers, we must pray and ask God to show these pastors where did they miss it?   It should be obvious that if you do not love who you are and love those within your community, there will be conflict with the rest of our society.  Since the civil rights movement, if preachers of the black church would have insisted on the black community seeking God and avoiding conflict among themselves, then just maybe we would not have had to witness such unfair justice after Trayvon Martin's death.   So, loving and respecting God should have always been the first thing taught to the black community from many pulpits of black churches across America.

After Trayvon Martin Outcome, Black Pastors Determine to be More than Worship Leaders; Aim to Help Communities Overcome Senseless Violence

Normally when Bishop Samuel Kelsey talks about sodas and candy in July it is in the context of the Vacation Bible School at the New Samaritan Baptist Church in Northeast Washington. But Wednesday afternoon Kelsey and a host of District community and church leaders listened as Trayvon Martin's father talked about the Skittles and tea his son was carrying just before he was fatally shot by...Read full article, here.


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