Saturday, July 27, 2013

Former Pastor Arrested for Stealing from Church

Allegedly, Joshua Swain who is the former pastor of The View Church is accused of stealing over $100,000.   This has been one of the biggest problems with some pastors, it seems if they are not satisfied with their salary, they feel they have the right to steal from their church.  However, no pastor should ever feel he or she has the right to take from their church, because they do not own the sanctuary.

According to, Swain is also accused of using another man's personal information, according to the charges, "for the purpose of obtaining money and credit from Chase Bank" in excess of $10,000.

In the meantime, we pray Swain repents for theft and willing pays back every cent he stol from The View Church.

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Former Pastor Arrested for Stealing from Church

By WSIL Manager

WSIL -- A Union County man has been charged with stealing more than $100,000 from a Carbondale church.

Joshua D. Swain, 32, of Cobden, is charged with theft over...Read full article, here.

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