Monday, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman Verdict Shows Racial Divide

SCR readers, what's wrong with this picture saints of God?   Also, read the title of this article.   As always, many African Americans are rallying after injustice of an alleged killer who killed one of their own kind.   Of course, we do not think the verdict is fair.  However, it's never fair for African Americans to hate, retaliate, harass, bully and kill each other.  Can't you see beloved sisters and brothers, this is a spiritual matter? 

Now, although we have a lot of diversity, we are yet dealing with the same old issue we've dealt with when Dr. Martin Luther King was alive, racial division.   Although, his dream of diversity and equality became a reality, racism yet exist and even worse, many African Americans are divided and we do not know when is the last time we've seen unity among our race.   However, since we know the only race that will make it to heaven is the holy and righteous race of believers, we know there is a demonic force behind every killer whether they are white, black, Hispanic or even rich or poor. 

Racial divide is much worst among African Americans and this is why we will never see much justice served when it comes to another race killing victims like Trayvon Martin.  Another thing, too many African Americans hate how God created them.  So whenever an alleged shooter like George Zimmerman is found not guilty what do they expect?  Furthermore, if many African Americans continue to ignore God's commandments and not live for him, racism will always rule America and many will not be respected in other countries.

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Verdict doesn't end debate in Trayvon Martin death

By Michael Pearson. Holly Yan and AnneClaire Stapleton, CNN

(CNN) -- They took to the streets, to radio call-in shows, to social media to vent their frustration. George Zimmerman not guilty? It can't be, they said.

"Only white life is protected in America," one protester in Washington shouted Sunday, a...Read full article, here.


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