Sunday, July 21, 2013

London Street Evangelist arrested for Preaching Against All Sexual Immorality

For many of you wishing to escape much prejudice against Christians here in America, you cannot get away from it in other countries.   In London, this street evangelist was arrested for preaching against all sexual immorality, not just homosexuality.  However, this news does not surprise us since America has been allegedly in close relations with the government there. 

According to,  the violation officers cited was Public Order Act Section 5, for "using homophobic speech that could cause people anxiety, distress, alarm or insult," he explained in a YouTube video.  

This is very sad saints of God, if you have not been fasting and praying against this demonic spirit that has been dominating God's earth, you need to get serious and start.

Street Evangelist Who Was Arrested In London Says He Preached Against All Sexual Immorality, Not Just Homosexuality

Tony Miano, the street evangelist arrested in downtown Wimbledon earlier this month for his alleged hate speech against homosexuals, said he did not specifically single out the sin of homosexuality.

"I was expositing 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8, where the apostle Paul admonishes the Thessalonians to abstain from all forms of sexual immorality," Miano told Christian radio talk show...Read full article, here. 

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