Saturday, July 27, 2013

Oakland leaders call for end to violence after death of Judy Salamon

A pet nanny in East Oakland was gunned down recently and now, Oakland leaders are demanding that gun violence end.  The death of 66-year-old Judy Salamon has alarmed many people in the community of East Oakland, after she was shot to death in her car.  It's very bad in Oakland SCR readers, if you can get killed just by sitting in your car. 

According to, on Friday, dozens attended an early morning rally to voice their anger and frustration over the gun violence that claimed the life of one of their own -- a long-time resident, popular pet sitter and dog walker. Neighbors are hoping witnesses will come forward with information in Salamon's case, but understand why they may not.  

This is very sad what Oakland has become in the 21st century.  Back in the 1970's and 80's who would have thought the city of Oakland would be much worse than what it was at that time? 

May Judy Salamon rest in peace.

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Oakland leaders call for end to violence after death of Judy Salamon

by Nick Smith

An East Oakland community is pleading with city leaders to help put an end to the violence. This comes just days after the death of 66-year-old Judy Salamon, shot to death in neighborhood in her car. 

Many people didn't know the victim, but they felt connected to her simply through empathy. They're demanding more from each other...Read full article, here.

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