Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pastor Yong Gyu Park of a great mega ministry died donated millions of dollars, after going to heaven and hell

Pastor Yong Gyu Park, a Korean minister of a 5,000 member mega church knew he was full of pride when he died of a stroke.   He explains his tour with an angel in heaven as they talked about why some rewards are smaller than others when it comes to ministers.   Pastor Park says he saw his small home compared to others, simply because he did not reach out like he was supposed to on earth.

Then, this man of God explains what hell was like, many lost souls begged for water in the midst of eternal fire.   Many people were unbelievers and did not repent of their sins were in hell.   He also saw pastors and deacons he knew on the earth in hell and many of them, he thought had died and went to heaven.  Many did not pray, tithed and rebelled against their pastors.  If you ever wondered what it takes to make it to heaven as a Christian, this really is the blueprint.

Let's all listen and take heed to what it takes to be a holy Christian, which is God's ultimate desire.  God bless you.

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