Saturday, August 3, 2013

Black Church News: Detroit Pastor Tim Kirby Gunned Down After Asking Neighbors to Keep Noise Down

Saints of God, a lot of times church people do not understand why we discourage them from associating with worldly people and being like them.  One of the main reasons, many sinners have no respect for the church nor their pastors.   This young pastor, Tim Kirby was gunned down just for asking some rowdy neighbors to keep their noise down. 

No, we are not saying Tim Kirby was a worldly man, but-the way he was gunned down by worldly people is evidence why we should follow God's Word when He instructs us to be completely different from the world.    Tim Kirby was a good man, a good father and a man of God who did not deserve to be gunned down for any reason.  If these people are this ruthless, why would the black church, mega church or any type of church want to act like them in order to get fame or fortune?   Let us think about how they desire to kill children of God just because we are not on the Devil's territory.   Therefore, let us try to win them to Christ, but we must distance ourselves so much, God can send His angels to take charge over our lives and protect us.  Obviously, the killer nor his sidekicks wanted Christ to gun this man of God down.

According to, Tim Kirby was at his home off Heritage Place Monday night. Police say his neighbors were having a big party with loud music and people screaming. Kirby went outside to ask his neighbors to bring the noise down.  Believe it or not, this type of foolishness has been going on for too many years, now.  It's time for the saints of God to be wise and just now live around people who have no consideration for their neighbors, especially men and women of God.

Just look at that above snapshot of the apartment complex, it looks decent, but these days, you cannot do enough for some black folks to make them act right.  There are a lot of decent looking neighbors, but if people do not have Christ, you cannot live around them.

May Pastor Time Kirby rest in peace, he was only 46 years old.  It's so very sad, he's left all four of his children behind.  Let us keep the Kirby family in our prayers.

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Detroit Pastor Tim Kirby Gunned Down After Asking Neighbors to Keep Party Noise Down

 Tim Kirby, 46, was very well-known in his community. He was a local pastor, a father of four and a community activist known for doing good work in the neighborhood.

However, on Monday night, trouble arrived at...Read full article, here.


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