Thursday, August 15, 2013

Calif. Pastors Arrested for Preaching Outside DMV Found 'Not Guilty'

Thank God these two pastors were acquitted for standing out at a DMV in California preaching God's Word.  The judge in the case allegedly ruled Pastors Brett Coronado and Mark Mackey were only exercising their right of Freedom of Speech.  If you recall Pastor Coronado of Reconciled Christian Fellowship in Hemet, and Pastor Mackey, an elder at Calvary Chapel Hemet church, were arrested on February 2, 2011.  Now, in 2013, they are free and have both proven God will step in when you have been persecuted for Jesus Christ.

According to, Nic Cocis, co-counsel for the defense, said, “These men were exercising their First Amendment right of free speech. They were simply sharing their faith on public property and the criminal charges should never have been filed.”

In the meantime, we will celebrate with these two pastors and keep them in our prayers.   Furthermore, this is a lesson for all of you not to stop witnessing to lost souls, regardless of the persecution you face.

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Verdict in for pastor arrested for reading Bible

'They were simply sharing their faith on public property'

A Superior Court judge in California has acquitted two men of charges filed after they were caught by officers reading a Bible aloud near a line of people waiting to enter a state driver’s license office in Hemet, Calif.

Attorneys for the defendants said the state was required under state law, Title 13, Section 1860 of the California Administrative Code, to...Read full article, here.

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