Sunday, August 4, 2013

Celebrity News: NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez Could Be Suspended for Alleged Drugs

Allegedly, NY Yankee's Alex Rodriguez stated he is owed millions of dollars if he continues to play with the team, which is why he could be suspended.   So, it seems like this is an inside job, folks.   You heard of conspiracies, right?  These sort of things occur all the time, even in corporate America.

According to, Rodriguez, who has been playing in the minor league as he recovers from injuries, told reporters Saturday that he is looking forward to rejoining his teammates in Chicago on Monday and wants to get back on the field.

If Major League Baseball does not have proof to suspend Alex Rodriguez, then they can't do it.  Furthermore, he should get all the millions that was promised to him on the contract.  Also, he could sue for false allegations, because accusing a person of being on drug is a serious charge and so unfair.

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A-Rod Suspension Probable for Monday, Sources Say

by KTLA 5 Web Staff

Major League Baseball will probably move Monday to suspend New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez amid allegations involving the use of performance-enhancing drugs, two sources close to the decision told CNN on Sunday.

The length of the suspension was not known, nor was the...Read full article, here.

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