Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Celebrity News: Oprah Winfrey apologizes Switzerland racism incident got blown up

We are so proud of the way Oprah Winfrey touched on what happened in Switzerland.  Honestly, we thought she was being like many other African Americans, apologizing for something she is not responsible for.  However, she allegedly said she walked in the store just like any other person and it was one person who did not allow her to see the $38,000 bag.

According to CNN.com, the manager of the boutique, Trudie Goetz, subsequently told CNN the entire incident was a "200 percent misunderstanding" and had nothing to do with racism.

We are very impressed that Oprah did not lie about the situation and says she is not blaming the entire country nor the store for one person's actions.   Also, this should help a lot of Americans to understand America is not the only place some African Americans encounter racism, there are many other countries who look down on black people.   We believe God allows this to occur, so we can acknowledge that Satan is all over the world carrying on this ancient demon of racism, not just in America. 

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 Watch Video

Oprah Winfrey: I'm sorry Switzerland racism incident got blown up

By Laura Smith-Spark, CNN
(CNN) -- Oprah Winfrey says she's sorry for the media storm that erupted after she recounted that she was the victim of racism in a posh Swiss boutique.

Winfrey's revelation last week on Entertainment Tonight led to the upscale store being identified as...Read full article, here.

Source, photo and video: CNN.com

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