Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebrity News: Oprah Winfrey encounters racism in Switzerland

It's so tiring whenever we hear of a racist individual being confronted about what they said or did to offend an African American person, they deny it as though they are innocent.   This just happened to Oprah Winfrey in Switzerland, the salesperson said the handbag was too expensive for Oprah to see.   When the saleswoman was confronted she came up with a lie to make herself look innocent.

According to the following video, the saleswoman allegedly said she was embarrassed that the handbag cost $38,000 and that's why she did not allow Oprah to see it and pointed out less expensive ones.   Who is this woman fooling, herself?   There will be a lot people in racist people in hell, because a lot of them carry on this ancient demon as though we are yet in slavery and unequal to Europeans.

Watch Video

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