Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hollywood News: David Cassidy faces another drunken driving charge

Many of you 70's babies recall the TV show, 'The Patridge Family'.  This is David Cassidy who has been charged with a DUI.  Sometimes, we wonder why some Hollywood Celebrities live dangerous lives, even after they are no longer rich and famous.

According to, the former star of the TV series "The Partridge Family" was released on $2,500 bail and ordered to appear in court on September 6, the police report said. 

In the meantime, we pray David Cassidy, along with some other (former) Hollywood celebrities get their lives straight.

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David Cassidy faces another drunken driving charge

By Alan Duke, CNN
(CNN) -- Former teen idol David Cassidy faces a drunken driving charge after his arrest early Wednesday in Schodack, New York, police said.

Cassidy, 63, was given breath and field sobriety tests after he failed to dim his car's headlights at a police checkpoint, according to the police report. Word of the arrest surfaced on...Read full articles, here.

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