Monday, August 12, 2013

Hollywood News: 'Star Wars' creator George Lucas and wife Mellody Hobson welcome baby girl

As many of you know, Mellody Hobson recently tied the knot with the love of her life, George Lucas, creator of Star Wars.    Hobson was already a billionaire of her own company, so the two already had wealth in common.  However, what's even more wonderful is that this lovely couple brought a beautiful child into the world by surrogate.   Their baby girl's name is Everest Hobson Lucas. 

According to, Everest Hobson Lucas, who was delivered by surrogate, is the first biological child for the 69-year-old Lucas, who has three adopted children: Jett, 20, Katie, 25, and Amanda, 32.  

Thank God a baby has come into the world, the right way, between one man and one woman, the way God originally intended.   We need more married couples like Mellody Hobson and Frank Lucas to tie the knot and bring more beautiful babies on God's earth.  Let's have faith for it and make it happen.

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'Star Wars' creator George Lucas and wife Mellody Hobson welcome baby girl

George Lucas has a new Padawan.

The “Star Wars” creator and wife Mellody Hobson welcomed their first daughter to our...Read full article, here.

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