Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pastor David Manning Calls Trayvon Martin Satan's Son: Right or Wrong?

In our opinion, Pastor David Manning is very wrong for allegedly calling Trayvon Martin Satan's son.  It's up to God to decide which souls belong to Him when they live or die.   It seems Pastor Manning is very angry when President Obama allegedly said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.  Doesn't he understand that's the president's way of indicating that he has not turned his back on the black race and also acknowledges himself as a black man, although many people like to identify him as bi-racial?

We do not think President Obama was trying to put Christians and Conservatives in a box, just by making a statement about Trayvon Martin.  In our opinion, many Christians and conservatives have put themselves in a box, because they have chosen to be followers of sin and not God's Word.   No man or woman has any power over humanity unless they allow it.   Furthermore, we understand Pastor David Manning has allegedly said President Obama is Satan, so we assume by our president saying Martin would look like him if he had a son, Pastor Manning thinks he has the right to say Trayvon Martin was Satan's son.  However, in our opinion Pastor Manning is in error.  Anyone who does not serve God is a child of Satan, according to God's Word.

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