Monday, August 12, 2013

Pastor Sam Hinn Returns to His Pulpit After Previous Alleged Affair

The younger brother of famous evangelist Benny Hinn, Sam Hinn has just returned to the pulpit, after taking a leave of absence, eight months ago.  Hinn allegedly admitted to an affair with one of his church members.   Saints of God, it's nothing but the trick of the enemy for any pastor or minister to fall for adultery or fornication.  We've heard this same old story, time and time again for many years.  We pray Hinn to remain strong, after coming back to minister at his church.   

According to, earlier this year, Hinn admitted to allowing himself "to be drawn into a relationship that has caused much hurt and pain to my wife and family. I have repented and asked for and received their forgiveness. Scripture states that I must bring forth the fruit of repentance if I expect to be restored."

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Sam Hinn, his family and church in our prayers.

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Pastor Sam Hinn Returns to His Pulpit After Eight-Month Absence

Pastor Sam Hinn, who left his Sanford church after admitting to an affair with a member of his congregation is returning to his pulpit after an eight-month absence, according to Charisma Magazine:

Less than eight months after Sam Hinn stepped down from the pulpit of his Orlando-area church amid a sexual scandal, the...Read full article, here.


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