Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pastor Terry Jones Could be arrested again for Koran burning, if no permit

As many of you already know, Pastor Terry Jones is most famous for making his opposition against Islamic religion by burning the Koran.   However, if he goes through with his public ritual this time without getting a permit, he could be arrested.  

According to, getting the permits is normally a two-week process, and since it's a holiday weekend, that probably doesn't give Jones enough time to get the permits.

Pastor Terry Jones may not care about being arrested since he has been so bold in the past about burning the Koran.   If he feels it needs to be done, we don't think he'll allow not having a permit stop him.

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Without permits, Koran-burning could end in arrests

MULBERRY (FOX 13) -He's still planning to burn the Koran, but in a new twist, Pastor Terry Jones could be arrested if he goes through with it.

Jones says he's planning to burn 3,000 Korans on September 11th at Harpe Park in Mulberry.  But he needs permits for two things: Assembling his rally at...Read full article, here.

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