Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Black Church's Civil Rights Movement Legacy Is Both A Blessing And A Curse, Pastors Say


We agree that the black church's civil rights can be good or bad.  However, in our opinion, we feel many pastors of today are more focused on fame and fortune than dealing with issues that negatively effect the black community.   The disadvantage is that certain pastors whom are into the civil rights movement of today agree with same sex marriage and seem to be more focused on that than reaching out to lost souls and preaching against all sin.   You know SCR, we tell it like it is.

According to, like many African-Americans, Pastor Otis Moss, Jr. grew up believing most black churches were involved in social activism like his. However, he said that is a false assumption largely based on the glamorization of the civil rights movement. 

The civil rights movement has done more damage than good to some degree, because too many people are focused on equal rights and not taking responsibility for their own actions, such as working hard and teaching others to do the same within the black community.   Then whenever we have a racial issue, their is a spiritual sickness among many blacks whom pretend to unite, but are more divided than ever.

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The Black Church's Civil Rights Movement Legacy Is Both A Blessing And A Curse, Pastors Say 

by Danielle Cadet 

For the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, the civil rights movement is not a period of time that only exists in history books; the movement runs deep in his veins -- literally.

With a mother who was a secretary for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and a father who was an early organizer for the movement, an active minister and...Read full article, here.

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