Thursday, September 19, 2013

Allegedly, Pope Francis says Church can't 'interfere' with gays spiritually

Of course, we know we can't interfere with the lifestyle of gay people, but we should have a right to preach against homosexuality.  The Word of God says it's wrong and if people don't want to hear it, they have the freedom to rebel.  However, it's very sad some preachers like Pope Francis think it's judging if the truth is being told, allegedly.

According to, the pope's comments don't break with Catholic doctrine or policy, but instead show a shift in approach, moving from censure to engagement.

It's very scary to hear the pope or any other minister defend gays.  There once was a time when many ministers feared God and would publicly denounce all sin, including homosexuality.   We are living an a very evil time.   Saints of God, let us continue to fast and pray.

Pope Francis: Church can't 'interfere' with gays

By Eric Marrapodi and Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editors
(CNN) - Pope Francis said the church has the right to express its opinions but not to "interfere spiritually" in the lives of gays and lesbians, expanding on explosive comments he made in July about not judging homosexuals.

In a wide-ranging interview published Thursday, the pope also said that women must play a...Read full article, here.

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