Friday, September 27, 2013

Bishop Paul Morton preaches about silence in the church against Same Sex Marriage

You really need to watch this video of Bishop Paul Morton Preaching his sermon, 'Rebuilding With the Right Stuff.'   He really tells the (black) church we need to go back to enforcing deliverance ministry without fear or shame.   He even points out we can't even get a coalition of preachers to combat same sex marriage, but the gay community has come together to win more states to win their vote in support for gay marriage.  

Just like Pastor Patrick Wooden allegedly said, when they pass rights for same sex marriage, we are going to hear of more groups fighting to get their right, regardless if it's wrong, which is the same thing Bishop Morton allegedly states on this following video.

Bishop Morton also points out that many pastors forewarn congregants about paying tithes, but they won't denounce same sex marriage.  Many want to be motivational preachers, but do not want to preach what they Bible says.

God really is going to bless Bishop Paul Morton, because he's not afraid to stand up for what's right unlike many preachers within the black church today. 

Watch Video

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