Friday, September 27, 2013

Black Church News: African-American Pastors Launch 'The Front Porch'

These three pastors have created a platform called, 'The Front Porch' to discuss the Bible.  We agree it's time for the black church to get serious how they used to be about the Word of God.  We are living in a very evil age and the modern age of the black church should realize the Word of God is the sword and it is the only way to fight the enemy.

According to, leading The Front Porch along with Anyabwile, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands) and Gospel Coalition blogger, are Louis C. Love Jr., pastor of New Life Fellowship Church in Vernon Hills, Ind., and Anthony J. Carter, lead pastor of East Point Church, in East Point, Ga.

We look forward to this becoming a huge experience for the black church to return to biblical principles.

African-American Pastors Launch 'The Front Porch' to Encourage Biblical Faithfulness in the Black Church

 By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

Using the familiar and familial motif of the front porch as a gathering place, three African-American pastors of the Reformed tradition have launched a platform to host conversations about winsome and troublesome aspects of the Black Church in an effort, according to one, to "hold fast to those things that are good, and to do away with those things that are not worthy of our mission." "We have need for conversation," explained Thabiti Anyabwile. "The Black Church is large, it's not one thing. There's great diversity in it. So there's opportunity in...Read full article, here.

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