Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebrity News: Christian Parents Upset After School Gives Students 3 Days to Study Jay-Z Lyrics

Thank God, there are Christian parents in this era who are taking a stand against Jay-Z lyrics being taught to their kids.   A group of them are very upset that a school in Mississippi insists on their students studying Jay-Z's lyrics.  It's time for us to take dominion over the public school systems in America, because our children should not ever be forced to study lyrics of a secular artist.

According to, the students spent three days learning about Shawn "Jay Z" Carter and tested on their knowledge of his "resilience."

Let us not leave our children in the hands of the public school system, but many of you Christian parents should be joining the boards of the school districts across America, so God will have more control over what is taught to our children.  You see, we must began using wisdom, because we are powerless if we do not govern all organizations on God's land.

Christian Parents Upset After School Gives Students Three Days to Study Jay-Z, His Lyrics and His 'Resilience'

Not only are hip hop artists and aspiring industry moguls studying Jay Z's work these days, now school children are being lectured on the success of the life and rhymes of the rap icon.

Apparently they have added some more urban culture to the...Read full article, here.


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