Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Nigerian Christians Executed in Ditch in Latest Attack by Islamist Extremists

We do not know why many African Americans have such pride for the mother land when many Africans hate Jesus Christ.   We yet hear of some African Americans wanting to connect with their roots in Africa as though that is where the power is.  However, if there are haters against followers of Jesus Christ and expecially for our Savior, then maybe God does not want African Americans making any connection there.

According to, Emmanuel Sunday, was caught up in the violence when gunmen also stopped him driving by on his motorbike and demanded to know if he was a Christian.

In the meantime, we will pray for our African brothers and sisters in Christ, because we know they are being terribly harassed by Islamist extremists.  Furthermore, we as Christians must not forget about them and let us stand together to pray against these demonic warfare, because as you know, we are also dealing with rebellion against Christianity here in America and it's been very difficult for us too. 

Five Nigerian Christians Forced From Vehicle, Executed in Ditch in Latest Attack by Islamist Extremists

By Morgan Lee , CP Contributor

Five individuals have been executed by Islamists after declaring themselves followers of Jesus Christ outside of the Nigerian city of Jos last week.

The shocking incident saw Islamists stop a minibus and order its occupants to get out. After finding out five individuals were Christians, they were forced to lie down in a ditch...Read full article, here.

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