Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Georgia pastor arrested for breaking in church member's home, twice

Now, no recession is so bad this pastor has to steal from a church member.  Your eyes are not fooling this pastor in Georgia is actually breaking into his church member's home.   Saints of God, we are certainly living in a wicked age when we are hearing some things we never heard or pastors doing before.

According to tennessean.com, Rickey Alan Reed, 56, remained jailed Tuesday on $32,500 bond in Davidson County on a single count each of felony aggravated burglary and misdemeanor theft under $500. He was already on probation after pleading guilty in 2011 to aggravated burglary in Rutherford County, avoiding a four-year prison sentence by begging a judge for mercy, forgiveness and a chance to treat his addiction.

A drug addiction is no excuse for any pastor stealing from anyone.  Rickey Reed and anyone else like him should step down and allow an appointed man or woman of God to stand in their place to pastor lost souls.

For all of you ministers breaking the law, because you are not getting a huge salary or enough tithes and offerings, get a job.  The Word of God says in Exodus 20:15, 'Thou shalt not steal.'  Now if you are stealing, just what do you have to preach about?

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Smyrna pastor arrested in second burglary of church member

 Written by Brian HaasThe Tennessean

A Smyrna pastor caught on tape trying to break into a church member’s home for drugs in 2011 has been arrested again after police say he burglarized the home of another former church member in Antioch.

Rickey Alan Reed, 56, remained jailed Tuesday on $32,500 bond in Davidson County on...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: tennessean.com 

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