Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mississippi Church apologizes for banning black community 45 years ago

It took this church in Oxford, Mississippi. 45 years to apologize for racial discrimination.   We cannot understand why the First Baptist Church in Oxford, Mississippi waited until the 21st century to apologize.  If we still had a white president in the White House would they apologize, ever?

According to,  when First Baptist Church leaders suggested an open door policy to allow blacks to worship alongside whites in 1968, the congregation said 'no'.

In our opinion, this is just too long to apologize. No, we are not saying not to forgive them, but some racist whites are forever apologizing and it seems like this particular racial issue could have been resolved before all these years. Furthermore, we wonder if there are any African Americans who would be proud to become a part of this congregation?  
Church apologizes for banning black community 45 years ago

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