Wednesday, September 11, 2013

News Release: First Time Novelist, Carla P.J. Livingston Offers Free Ebook in October!!

A first time Christian novelist by the name of Carla P. J. Livingston is about to launch her first copyrighted novel, Angels against Gun Violence in America.   Along with AT2W, we thought you should be the first to know about it, since she will be giving away a free eBook for five days only in October.

Livingston requested for us to present this information on our network of blogs.  So, if you are interested for more information about this upcoming novel, you can follow the link below to her new blog.  God bless you.

Many of you already know my first copyrighted published novel, Angels Against Gun Violence in America is about to be released. After it launches in October, I need to let you know you have a chance to receive a copy, in exchange for a review.  When you receive you free eBook that will be available for only 5 days, I need you to write a review on  I would greatly appreciate it.  Once it is released...Read about upcoming novel, here.

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