Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pastor Kong Hee's Wife Sun Ho's Website Hacked

Pastor Kong Hee's wife Sun Ho's website has been hacked.  Now, it's unclear who is responsible for hacking her website, but it could have something to do with previous allegations against Pastor Kong Hee. 

According to, the cyber assailant also made reference to an alleged "hidden agenda," purportedly a reference to the criminal case in which prosecutors have alleged that more than 50 million Singaporean dollars meant for a building fund were instead used by City Harvest Church leaders to boost Sun's pop music career, which was the center of the megachurch's evangelical Crossover Project.  

In the meantime, we'll keep Pastor Hee and his wife, Sun Ho in our prayers and hope they get all their problems straightened out.

Kong Hee's Wife Sun Ho's Website Hacked by 'Anonymous;' Allegations Flood Facebook 'City Harvest Confessions' Page

 News surrounding the fraud case against City Harvest Church founding pastor Kong Hee and other leaders continues to develop rapidly, including a cyber attack against CHC co-founder Sun Ho and a growing swarm of allegations of mistreatment and...Read full article, here.


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