Saturday, September 14, 2013

Some Black Churches Continue to affiliate with the Boy Scouts: Is God Pleased?

Again, there are some black churches disappointing God in this age of gay marriage.   It seems like whatever is wrong, there are some black Christians who make it alright.  In this case of the boy scouts, there are some yet affiliating with the organization, regardless of their homosexual policy. 

According to, the Boy Scouts' policy change has caused discussion at other local churches. Scout Master Victor Jordan, who heads Union Baptist Church's decade old Troop 898, said he discussed the issue with Union's pastoral leadership and all agreed to continue the scouting program. 

For certain, God is not pleased with some black churches affiliating with the Boy Scouts of America.   When are some African Americans going to make a wise decision and follow God's Word and not be followers of this world?  

Some Black Churches Continue to Work with the Boy Scouts Despite Homosexual Policy

The Boy Scouts of America's lifting of its policy against admitting openly gay scouts has led to churches across the nation cutting their ties with the organization. Calvary Baptist, a Forsyth County mega church...Read full article, here.

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