Thursday, September 26, 2013

South Carolina Church Hit By 16 Bullets was targeted says police, allegedly

Someone shot at this church in South Carolina, Legacy Outreach was shot by 16 bullets.   Saints of God, we are living in an evil age.  Of course, we've heard of church burnings, that's bad enough, which is something we'll never get used to.  However, the Devil creates all sorts of ways to destroy God's house and these people who work for him are very insane and overflowing with evil.

According to, Strickland entered the church's sanctuary on Sunday, Sept. 15 and found dust covering the back pews, the ceiling in disrepair and several bullet shells on the floor.

We sincerely pray for people who like to destroy God's house, because in judgement, there will be severe punishment for them.   You may wonder why would anyone do such a thing, but shooting bullets at a church bullet is no different than burning down a church.  Furthermore, enemies who try to attack God's people are demon possessed souls.

In the meantime, we will keep Legacy Outreach in our prayers.

Church Hit By 16 Bullets Likely Due to Vandals, Not Hunters, Claim Police in South Carolina

Police now suspect a South Carolina church that was shot 16 times earlier this month was deliberately targeted, according to Legacy Outreach Church pastor, Manning Strickland.

Strickland originally believed the shots to be the fault of nearby deer hunters, though that is not...Read full article, here.

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