Sunday, October 13, 2013

Black Church News: Bishop Ron Gibson, co-star of 'Preachers of LA' Explains Benz & Bentley

We carefully watched this video and heard Bishop Ron Gibson's reason for having the right to own his wealth.   When the host got on the subject of his Bentley, he allegedly responded he cannot drive but one Bentley at a time.  We agree it's okay for he and the other celebrity preachers on 'Preachers of LA' to own such wealth; but are they also making sure their congregants whom are poor have the same thing?  

What about all the homeless people, is Bishop Ron Gibson, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Noel Jones and the others making sure they build some homeless shelters and give three meals a day to the poor?  If so, then, they have the right to their wealth and they can drive all the luxury cars the want to.

Watch Video

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