Saturday, October 12, 2013

Black Church News: HIV Pastor Spotted On Popular Black Dating Website

After allegedly infecting many woman with HIV, this pastor, Rodney Carr is still on a popular dating site, possibly seeking more individuals.  We want to say many of your preachers in the black church ought to be ashamed of yourselves for infecting women and men in your congregations.  How can you claim to be a man of God and sexually violate those whom look up to you as their shepherd? 

It's so sad to know Rodney Carr has already infected over 100 women.   Just think of how many other pastors and bishops could be infecting many women in the black church?  Since AIDS has been a plague within the black community, it seems like these pastors in the black church would stop spreading their disease, but there are many like Carr who would rather share it and put many women and men whom are fond of them in misery like themselves.

According to, on a routine gynecological visit, the woman’s physician reportedly suggested an HIV test. When she reportedly received her results, she knew Carr had infected her. According to the woman, the 47-year-old preacher never told her he was HIV positive. The woman claims she trusted Carr, because he is a minister.  

In the meantime, you women be careful out there, never get so desperate you have to move ahead of God and seek a man to be in your life.  You may be the next victim of an HIV/AIDS killer like Pastor Carr, allegedly.

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HIV Pastor Spotted On Popular Black Dating Website

Memphis minister Rodney Carr (pictured), who was arrested last year and charged with criminal exposure to HIV  for knowingly infecting a woman, was recently spotted on a popular Black dating website...Read full article, here.  


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